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White Side-Printed Caps with Red Font

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Hi Guys,

I was looking through the albums of a few days ago and I saw this keyboard:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 27031[/ATTACH]

I was wondering where and how I could obtain these beautiful keycaps.

Thank you.

Your easiest option is blank white keycap and waterslide transfer decal and make it yourself. Since it is on the front and not being touched it should be durable enough method. If they were mass produced at all possible to track them down on taobao maybe, but those otd guys do a lot of one off custom stuff a lot.

I like how they took off their doubleshots to put those ones on.
An alternative method that may or may not ruin everything is to try and dye the letter onto the front of the keycap.

Ah thank you :)

I was wondering if it was a one-off cause lots of them definitely do some crazy stuff on their own.

I also like the way the keycaps themselves look. Are they signature plastics dsa keys? I remember wanting them but I hear just buying one order of 87/104 keys is very expensive. Does anyone have a group buy or something for these keycaps?

That's soulfree's board. He's a member here, might want to ask him.


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