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White Side-Printed Caps with Red Font

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Haha, that's his avatar >_

Nothing special there.. just a DSA(spherical, medium) profile, light beige keycap set made from Signature Plastics and arranged by a OTD member called jjini in Korea. (same guy who arranged the wyse replica keycaps w/ light blue lettering..)
The red lettering was done by a friend... using a lettering sticker tool.. whatever they call
Also, the keycaps are made from PBT material, so the quality is pretty good.

I get many questions about the keyboard. It was a masterpiece custom keyboard made from a guy named Ung-Sam(hopefully the spelling is correct) in OTD.
Known as probably the best custom keyboard made from OTD. The weight is as heavy as a normal dumbbell that u would use at home... and the key stroke/sound is amazing...
Take a look at this link.. it's the fifth one called 356-mini

Man... I was just really starting to enjoy my filco and then I clicked that link. Those are amazing and now I really want an aluminum case for my filco. I see that there is going to be a groupbuy for aluminum poker cases soon. Maybe we could arrange for a aluminum filco case as well.

356 series is so nice. id be happy with any of them lol


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