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Where can I get some keycaps made?

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I see all of these group buys being arranged for custom keycaps. Where are these being made, and can they fulfill small orders for certain individuals for a fair price?

Signature plastics is the usual culprit. They have no minimum quantity, bet they do have a minimum order amount ($100, according to their faq). I donsider this a very fair price, especially for small runs. Many larger plastics houser won't touch you unless you're buying 100,000+ units.

Here's the website:


They are being made in Washington, USA

"Signature Plastics
7837 Custer School Rd
Custer, WA 98240"

Also check out WASDKeyboards.  They do custom caps as well.  SP will give you a little more flexibility in colors, but WASD can do it for cheaper.

How much is it usually for one key?

If you're doing one key and not a group buy SP is pretty much not an option unless you want to pay $100 for that one key.


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