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Custom Keycap Ideas Thread - all ideas welcome

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While there are a lot of custom keycaps that I would love to have, the first things that came to my mind were:

A set of 104 keycaps in PURE silver.


A set of 104 white PBT keycaps with black dye-subbed letters (which would be customized to my liking).

I think it cloud be awesome to have keycap with half life logo:D

And btw is there any max size/resolution for attached images?

I have this image in my head of a spider with its legs wrap over the keycap.  Sort of like CC's skull key but instead of a skull, you have this spider.  I don't know.. just an idea floating around. lol

I can picture that. like a Spider sitting on top gripping the sides of the keycap with it's legs. That would be pretty awesome, for those that aren't arachnophobes.

Yeah and it has to be a scarry looking but at the same time, colorful spider...  sort of like this one:


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