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I think that would be too difficult to reproduce in plastic. Might as well just catch a neat looking one and resin it to a keycap. Hmn, makes me remember the scorpion I have in a chunk of resin shaped like Arizona. Maybe just make clear resin keys with spiders and maggots and stuff in them.

Isn't the halflife one copyrighted? Otherwise it'd be awesome.

I'm with others: We need more firefly-related keycaps. Any other browncoats?

Well it's just a greek letter λ and the traditional symbol of radioactivity decay constant or half-life, so in my opinion they had no right to trademark it at all. Especially since they weren't even original about it.
I guess I should go trademark the letter A in a circle. It seems pretty popular with the kids.


Standard Character claim: No


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Standard Character claim: No
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But I'm sure that without the circle, a lambda would be just fine.
Wonder if anyone would want it, because it's not the same.


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