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Typing Speed

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I am guessing at my speed. I am a key watcher, so I never learned to type off the screen or a document. I type pretty fast when I am into it, and I type better in the rare occurrence that I am being left alone.

Every now and then, I test myself on Fastest I remember doing was 99 WPM corrected, on a ThinkPad R51e's built-in keyboard. The (much) shorter travel means that I'm quicker than I am on the M.

However, I just now checked my speed on my Model M...

Net Speed: 98 WPM
Accuracy: 97%
Gross Speed: 101 WPM

I did it for one minute on "The Irrational Side of Managerial Decision-making."

One minute on The Enchanted Type-Writer, did 105 WPM net, 99% accuracy, 106 WPM gross. :cool:

My EnduraPro is now the fastest keyboard I own. :D It FELT quicker than my 1391401, though - guess the lighter springs help. :)

(And, I see that last time, I forgot the site -

I am slow in comparison. I can do about 50 words a minute comfortably. With errors : )

Hey, that's not bad. I know people who can't do 25 WPM, and they've been typing for years.

And I failed to read this time - I DID mention the site. To be fair, though, I was skimming for underlines, and didn't see one.


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