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One word:


You two ...

I don't get a check cause I don't pay taxes, lol.  No job.

But if I DID get the economic stimulus package, I'd put it toward a used 1988 Monte Carlo SS  ;).  Or maybe an Nvidia 9800 GX2.

Huh.  Apparently I DID qualify for some money.  US Treasury deposited $787.30 into my checking account on May 2nd.  :)

A good chunk of what I made last year was tax-exempt, so that might have had something to do with it.  This is how mine broke down:

$1200.00 (filing status)
$ 900.00 (qualifying children)
$1312.70 (Reduction for Adjusted Gross Income)
$ 787.30 (my money!)

You're swimming in the cash now, so you should buy all of us here shiny new keyboards!


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