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I've been looking for a place to store files online and I found a few places that are cheap / free for a couple or a few GB of storage (which is plenty for me since it's all .doc files). I'm currently trying out Mozy while I'm waiting for an invite to Dropbox.

Does anyone use one of these services? If so, let me know what your experiences with are and which ones to avoid. The only thing I honestly care about is stability and Mac compatibility.

This may be useful

I don't use it though. But it integrates with the Mac OS.

rsync is a really cool tool, btw

how about using Gmail.  I know it's meant to be for email, but it seems that it's pretty good for remote storage too.

i've used something similar for Windows, and it worked really well.

I've been doing the gmail thing for a while but it kind of isn't what I need it to be. Mozy is supposed to back up my links and my Writing achieve automatically every week, so I hope it works out the way they say it does.

But dropbox looks really cool. Does anyone use it?

iMav gave me an invite for it awhile back but unfortunately, it doesn't work with linux. I was not able to use it.


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