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Name Change

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old: sofa king
new: lowpoly

When I first registered here I didn't expect to stay around. So I just chose the first stupid name that came to my mind.

I'm still here so I thought I'd change my name to something that made a little bit more sense, at least for me (I used to do some 3D in the past).

Thank you iMav for doing the name change.

I liked the old one. However, I do understand (And how!) that usernames can be a bit of a hassle.

I am sofa king wee todded!

(funniest joke EVAH!!!)

That's what I did with this username as well, lol, but that was quite a long time ago and it stuck.

Like any joke, it gets old after a while.

Also, when my keyboard addiction started I was a bit embarrassed about it :(. Not any more. And like many other things I expected this to be an area that I discover, inhale and after a while loose interest in. However, that didn't happen so it was time for a change.


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