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--- Quote ---The only problem is, after you've switched, qwerty will seem so terrible to you that you just won't be able to use it.
--- End quote ---
Thats actually something i'm afraid of :) I do a lot of tech support and I can never get too far from qwerty because of that. I wouldnt mind learning colemak for 'personal use' but then I'm worried about becoming worse on qwerty.
I suppose I could try using both for a while and see how I feel about it. Qwerty is probably so hardwired into my brain at this point that I could probably recover from any disruption fairly quickly.
But using both at the same time ultimately I think will be problematic, for me anyway. At least as far as typing fast goes. Cuz seems to me typing fast is accomplished by NOT being self concious of the keyboard. And having to switch back and forth it seems to me forces one to suddenly become 'aware' of the board, and that has got to slow you down (on both) as a result. Its too bad, I wouldnt mind a more scientifically designed layout, but there's more real-world context to consider I guess.


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