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Operating system recomendations.

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Well Vista pushed me over the edge today so I killed it.
(uninstantiated I'm just being dramatic)

I installed Ubuntu with wine and have been having a reasonable experience.
The thing thats bothering me is that I built my PC with its 8800Ultra after the first DX10 Crysis videos were shown (and since proven to be fiddled about with)

I used to use only macs and still love OS but will not use their hardware again after some awful customer service and hardware issues.

I could just re install Vista but it might do the same thing again.
(was getting 'unrecognized file system on drive 80 etc.)
I tried a lot of fixes and commands but could not get it to boot and stay activated with my serial. I even tried a downloaded activator with no luck.

Anyway. What else id there to try?
I like Linux but without the support for my GPU it seems a bit silly.
I have had little luck dual booting but would give it another go if anyone could recommend a good way of doing it.

Basically I want to be told what to do because I don't know anymore.
I've been messing with this all day and I have had enough.

if your computer is on warranty why not call MS about that error? It sounds like something out of the ordinary. We have tons of vista machines at work and the only issue we saw was that issue with the nvidia card drivers that originally afflicted 30 percent of vista machines (thanks to nvidia's crappy driver) but thats been fixed for a while and we havent seen anything out of the ordinary with it.  Might be worth a call to MS.

And if not, how about going back to winXP? I've had it on my laptops for last 6 years and its been a champ of stability actually. You can still find install cds being sold on ebay, last time I checked.

I know people have strong feelings about OS's, I'm actually fairly agnostic. Whatever works for you. If you're getting really strange or weird or persistent errors with any of them, chances are its something unique to your system and if its under warranty the support line should take care of it...

You know especially if your error is related to activating the serial, MS has a special phone number just for that. In the course of my work I've called that number a few times and they've always simply given me a new serial to type in and its always worked. I believe the number should be on their website, fairly easy to find tho I forget where it was exactly...

No warranty for the machine as its built from parts from all over.

And the Vista CD is OK.

But if the vista cd is okay, MS may give you a new serial if you tell them the old one... (you could even suggest to them that it may be damaged actually to shortcut the process). IN other words, this isnt a bootleg copy, right? And if its not, I think MS would offer you a new serial to try.

p.s., it looks like the Borg. ;) I hope you've named it "seven of nine".

Its official yeah but the vista is not the issue I'm sure.
Its possible that something got corrupted and a fresh install could be all I need to do.
I don't know I'm kind of sick of Vista.
Oh my PC is called Jenny.


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