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dlarellano: this noncrappy-keyboard business and geekhack.

I found this forum through Ars about two months ago and recognized iMav from the perennial Mac setup picture threads on MacRumors. I was cleaning up my bookmarks when I rediscovered geekhack and finally signed up so I could see the keyboard pics thread (I love me some computer pr0n).

As for my keyboards—I got none. I'm typing on a week-old Apple wired alum 'board and I am not liking it. I'd go back to typing on the MacBook Pro's keyboard (which I like better) but my neck would disown me.

I was about ready to spring for a Kinesis Freestyle until I found out they had mushy rubber domes. Black Cherries get ragged on here a lot it seems but I want to give them a try. I'll be ordering an SMK-88 soon—marking the start of my search for the one (or three)-true keyboard.

I am sleep-deprived and looking for an excuse to not work, so forgive the rambling introduction.

'Sup everyone?

hey dude, welcome :)

Always nice to witness the launch of another new search for the perfect 'board :)
Looking forward to hearing about your experiences (and your reviews :) )


Writing a review sounds fun. Although a meaningful one will take a while. The best keyboard I've ever had (the MBP's) isn't much of a baseline as far as desktop keyboards go.

Welcome to GeekHack! :)

I don't think black Cherries get "ragged on" here so much as, since they are linear, they do not have the tactility many of the users expect and look for in a mechanical switch.  If you go in with the expectation that the switches are going to be linear, I think you will be one step ahead.  The only reason I can think of right off the top of my head why some people might truly dislike black Cherries is that some use the tactility to determine when the key activates.

Also, black Cherries are awesome when they are in soda.  Black Cherry Shasta/Fanta is the bomb!

Thanks itlnstln!

Perhaps "ragged on" was a little too harsh. I hope blacks are a good fit for my typing style. I tend to smash the keys, which is why I am hating the Apple Aluminum keyboard I'm using right now. It feels like I'm typing on my glass desk.

Oh man, Fanta. I miss those. They don't sell those here anymore.


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