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Best Keyboards for Every Occasion

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may be of interest,2845,2337583,00.asp

Original link found here at slashdot

I vote for the Logitech G11. Its the awesome!

Whilst looking for a good keyboard (and eventually finding this site and buying 10) I tried both the cyborg and tarantula. At the time I thought they were rubbish and way over priced. My opinion has since dropped considerably.


--- Quote ---Note: This does not focus exclusively on keyboards released in 2008. Keyboards from last year or even the year before that have stood the test of time and are still great deals.
--- End quote ---

Takes brains.

And like all people use keyboards for is gaming, media and generic. We're all generic here since we actually type on keyboards. And I would like to note that the number one generic keyboard was a brand name, as were all of them in that Piece(OS). Thank you.

I see this thread is taking a negative spin. You  all need to get into the spirit of the awesomeness.
At least the slashdot link makes mention of the Model M, but strangely, no mention of HHKB, Filco or ?
Are we really that different than the mainstream?


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