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I know there are some very fitness-conscious folks on this site (bicyclists, marathon runners, etc).  I'm just curious how many here actively pursue increased fitness (or actively maintain) on a daily basis.

I am starting a new fitness workout where I will be trying to regulate diet, getting in cardio, as well as working to build muscle mass all around.  I've typically used, primarily, diet and cardio workouts to regulate weight...but I end up on again / off again and I'd really like to work on the complete package for once.  :)

What do others here do (if anything)?

When I lived in Phoenix I used to mountain bike often. That was a great work out. I am in Florida now, sigh. No mountains. But roller blading is quite the work out for me.
Diet and exercise, diet and exercise. And it does work. My problem is staying committed.
I like my diet pepsi and I like my mcdonalds. We all have our challenges.

I have excess fat ...


--- Quote from: webwit;16469 ---I'm a leptosome. You'll all hate me now. Besides that I've been riding a bicycle for over 3 decades.
--- End quote ---

lepĚtoĚsome noun - A person with a slender, thin, or frail body.


--- Quote from: iMav;16470 ---lepĚtoĚsome noun - A person with a slender, thin, or frail body.
--- End quote ---

I hate you now iMav.



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