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How does my website look?

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I just updated my website to a little more modern design.  What do you think?  It probably won't look good unless you have a resolution of 1280x1024 or higher.   Comments or suggestions?  Design tips?

Most of it was done in NotePad++ with some finishing touches done in Dreamweaver CS3.

link:  If it isn't working my webhost (I tried hosting on my home 768k/128k line, it doesn't work) is trying to foil me again.

zwmalone, where did you get an image "ALPS.png" listed in download>geekhack?
Want to read the source page if it contains detailed information about ALPS Leaf spring switch.

That is the patent image.  I believe I found it in the GeekHack tshirt thread so you may find a link there.

that diagonal stripe has to go or make it so it just borders the content like on here (like 10-15pixels or so)

What should I replace it with?


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