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so i've got the flu

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--- Quote from: wellington1869;17962 ---Saw north by northwest on pbs the other night. I've seen it before of course but for some reason, for the first time, I actually enjoyed it. Does that mean i'm getting old?  Eva saint marie is a *fox*, let me tell you. Never noticed before! She is super-sexy on the train. Not bad for someone from the 50s.

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Hitch**** [Edit] HitchC0ck

I love Alfred Hitchc0ck.  AH Presents was nice for some quick AH hits.

You know, I had a friend who gets the flu every year...

So she tried the flu shot a few times.

Every time, her body responded to the flu shot as if it were actually the flu. Meaning, she might as well just catch the actual flu.


--- Quote from: itlnstln;17979 ---I get my flu shot every year as soon as it is available.  I have only had one minor cold in the last 5 years or so.  For those that have not gotten the flu, I would highly reccomend getting the shot of you haven't done so already.
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interesting, so you think they really work? I guess I was brought up by flu shot sceptics, lol. Maybe I should try that. I get a bad cold or flu at least twice a year.


--- Quote from: itlnstln;17980 ---Don't let the flu affect your judgment, now. :)  Let the NyQuil, and lots of it, do that.
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lol, must have been the sudafed talking...

this is what I saw onscreen: (tell me she's not foxy)

but when I came to, I saw this!:

Thats when I knew my flu was on its way out  :D


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