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I won a Wii!

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Yeah I won a Wii in an instant win Cadbury competition.
Not sure if I should keep it or not.
I can only see a few potential games for it like Tatsunoko vs capcom and sin and punishment 2.
Has anyone got one of these and can recommend it? Im not a casual gamer and I generally only play 2d fighters and some PC games.
They seem to sell for about 160 new so might be worth selling.

Interested in Wii opinions.


I've got around 30 games or so for it.

Unfortunately, the Wii isn't strong on 2d Fighters right now, but there are plenty of good games if you're willing to ignore all the shovelware. I'd pick up the following: No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3, Zack and Wiki, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, Smash Brothers Brawl, and of course Mario Galaxy. There's a bunch more I'd be happy to recommend but given your stated proclivities I don't think you'll care for them in particular.

I'll be getting one for my kids as soon as I can order online (or find it in stock) at a Walmart.  My kids have around $300 in Walmart gift cards and want to use them for a Wii.  (so it may be a while)

We've got a PS3 that I only use for Madden...but the kids have several games they play on it.

I love the Wii.  Easily the best games console I've ever played on, and fun for all the family.  I say keep it.



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