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Nintendo DS owners?

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I purchased 3 Nintendo DS's for my kids today.  I was just wondering if any one here owns one and, if so, has any suggestions for good cooperative/head-to-head/etc games that they could play together.

They love the wifi chatting app.  I've read some cool things about DSorganize...but have not tried it yet.

mario kart DS.

for homebrew stuff you'll need one of those flash cart things... i have an R4DS and it does what it says on the tin. i ordered from, but i don't know what the favored flash cart is these days.

R4s are still perfectly good, tho some of the '1337' piraters will tell you otherwise, as the R4 hasn't had any firmware updates in a while, so some recent games with advanced copy protection don't work. however, for homebrew it's fine and always will be.  and even for piracy, there are "cheats" and patches that will bypass this copy protection.

my favourite multiplayer game is tetris ds.  this game is amazingly addictive when played head to head, and it's awesome online as well.  however, this game is so hard to find these days that people resort to importing japanese versions (which are plentiful in japan), tho i suppose if you have an R4 or whatever that wouldn't be a problem for you.

I haven't played anything on my DS in a while. I've been waiting to finish some other console games before I move over to Order of Ecclesia, which I've been dying to try out. The only multiplayer stuff I've messed around with was MarioKart, Worms, and Call of Duty 4. Multiplayer on DS is freaking easy thanks to the simple wifi setup.

As a good game in general, I'd recommend MarioKart.

We've got one copy of MarioKart.  I'll see about picking up a few more copies.  (heck, I might pick up another DS and join in the fun).

I'll look for Tetris as well.  I remember me and another guy had Nintendo GameBoy's (the original) and would play head-to-head tetris over a wired cable when I was over in the Middle East during the first Gulf War (USAF).  That was extremely addicting.  If I remember correctly, I had that game, Super MarioLand, and TMNT.  :)


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