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what a beautiful day

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for america.

some hope for the colossal challenges ahead.

I'm not dry eyed here in the UK either.


--- Quote from: lam47;18944 ---I'm not dry eyed here in the UK either.
--- End quote ---

its a great day for the whole world, really. :)

did you watch the inauguration ceremony and the speech? was it carried live there?

I got to hear some of the speech on the radio a little while ago, and I am very excited about our future.  Even if Obama turns out to be in an ineffective President (which I seriously doubt), it will still be an historic day for the US and for the world.

We got the whole lot live.
The BBC is very good with American events.
I thought the speeches on the whole were very moving.
Obama seems like a real man and not just some tool.
Level headed and straight talking to the point of being blunt and harsh.
He is not just what America needs but what the whole world needs.
We couldn't be more pleased.


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