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Hi @hasu-

I'm back from a hiatus, and I have some quick questions to ask about the TMK converter and software :)

I've been looking for information about keyboard converters for the Acorn Archimedes line of computers (with the KART protocol, as I recently got two of these) - is this something which the TMK converter at all is able to do? (assuming the plug is pin-compatible, it appears to be identical/similar to PS/2 at least:

Also wondering whether a Unisys B25-K5 terminal keyboard (std. form factor DIN-plug) will work.

Perhaps I am too optimistic, but wanted to check as these are some interesting boards (the Acorn kbd is the A5000, btw.)

(btw. I've noticed that eBay listings for the Copam K430, which we had some fun with a while back, now mention your converter as an option for using these, commanding a higher price of course) ;) (not that they exactly were low to begin with...)

I was noticed by eamil from geekhack but missed this post for some reason.

I don't have any Acorn and know about its protocol. I would look into if you can send me one of them :D

Yes, you can use TMK IBMPC-USB(PS/2) converter hardware to host the keyboard if you can make firmware for the protocol.
Fortunately, the converter has connection to GPIO for all pins: 1,2,5,6 on Mini-DIN-6P. So You can handle all signals: toKBD, fromKBD, Reset of the Acorn. I can help some If you are willing to develop firmware for the keyboard.

I don't know Unisys B25-K5 terminal keyboard at all. Have you found any info in bitsavers or somewhere?

I do actually have an Acorn keyboard which I just restored and was thinking of selling at auction.

If you plan to add the KART protocol and need something to test, a better option could be to send it to you in exchange for this and possibly another converter (I paid $70 for it, unrestored) :)

The keyboard is for the A300 Archimedes (i.e, one of the earlier ones, with the coloured Function-key rows)

Let me know if you are interested, and I can post some pictures of it.

For the B25-K5: information seems quite scarce. It is an very interesting board (to me at least, with lock-light LEDs for F8, F9, F10 & overtype in addition to Caps Lock, also has an inverted L-shaped tab on the left) and seems to have come with two different cables (one of which is the flat-type terminal connector, and the other a DIN plug)

Perhaps I am optimistic in thinking it would speak AT/XT though; although none of the users on Deskthority which acquired on were able to confirm.

There's an interesting thread on the Unisys/Burroughs B25-K5 here:

Regarding your earlier question: wish I could make firmware myself, but that is not an option currently for either this or the Acorn though. :)


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