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Controversy about space bar flipping

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I'm not familiar with this controversy about space bar flipping. Is it a aesthetic thing or a performance thing? Or neither? No idea, I've just seen it commented on a couple of times here and other keyboard forums.

A little from Column A, a little from Column B. Personal preference is what it boils down to. I also think most people here pretend to take a strong stance on it just for fun.

E.E.L. Ambiense:
Personally, I prefer flipping the spacebar bottom-up, and glue the bar to the switch posts.  That way I have some area for grip with my fingertips whilst hammering away at a sarcastic post.

Personally I press the space bar with my forehead. Because of this, I need to flip it, or it just doesn't make sense.

I personally believe that if you have a flipped spacebar it's an indicator of poor ergonomics. Your thumb should be over the top of the spacebar, because your wrists should also be above it. From my experience, a flipped spacebar sucks to press if you press down on it from above, it only works if you press it from the side.

But as it's been mentioned, there are always caveats. Some people just type weird.


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