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Hello everyone,

I've been around for a while now but only recently stumbled upon the media section.  I haven't seen any threads about typing tests/samples of various boards so I thought I'd start one.  Below is a playlist of me typing on a few of my boards.  Specs can be found in the description sections of their respective YouTube videos.

BKE HHKB Pro2, lubed with thin mix.

Stock HHKB

Mech27, zeal stems in panda housings, GMK Blue Alert

FMJ case, b.face pcb, zealios, pcb mount(no plate), JTK Angel

Minivan, SKCM Brown Alps, DSA Lightcycle

WASD v2, 72g silent blacks lubed with Krytox 106, DSA Deep Space

K-Type: Halo True switches, completely stock.

K-Type: panda stems in Halo housings and lubed stabilizers.

Novatouch: lubed with thin mix, hypersphere rings and GMK Sky/Ocean Dolch.

SIIG Minitouch: SMK Monterey Blues.

Ahhh! Cool Thread!!

Topre HHKB with KK mods

IBM Buckling Spring

Filco with stock blacks and Penumbra SA

Apollos 22 MINI with 62g lubed ergo clears

FC660C with stock alpahs and KK mods

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That one has got an interesting thread title. I don't think I hit any of the keywords for it to show up when I was looking around for one.  Thanks for the link! I'll probably be checking most of those out later today.

X60 with Cherry MX Blacks with Silent Red stems on alphas, Cherry MX Black housings with 85g springs and Silent Red stems on mods, GMK caps & carbon fiber plate

X60 with Cherry MX Blacks with Silent Red stems, GMK caps & carbon fiber plate

X60 with Gateron Blacks, DSA caps & stainless steel plate

X75 with Gateron Blues, JTK caps & aluminum plate

I really need to find a switch I like enough to use everywhere. Maybe Silent Blacks with 85g springs.


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