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This set is kinda now GMK.


This set was inspired by the keyboard of the Fortune 32:16 computer. I'm using beige alphas and faded teal modifiers, with a grey accent. The colors are:

Grey: Cool Gray 10 C
Mod Legends: Cool gray 1 C
Mods: 7475 C
Alphas: 466 C
Alphas legends: 419 C


This image was made entirely in photoshop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: This set is retro! Why are you running this old timer in GMK?

A: IMO, this set in GMK looks better that it does in SA. I rather like it, so I'm keeping it. Nothing more to it.



Can't think of any more FAQ's. If you made it this far (or if you didn't) have a nice day. :)

The color of this set is awesome.
I'm in if GB opens. :thumb:

And I suggest that there be one more 2.25 shift keys for 660 compability.
That would be certain apeal point to 660 enthusiasts.

I think the clover and executive key should be included.
I think not only the color scheme but also those keys are the very characteristic of this keyset.

Removing due to irrelevancy.

Gorgeous, I'll probably be in. There's no "neither" option in the poll, which I would choose to save costs.

Also would it be cheaper/more widely used to have Control as Caps Lock replacement? Quite a few people use that layout.

Awesome work!

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Interesting set, both your creation and the set that inspired it! I keep coming back to that layout. If ever there was a case of good, bad, and ugly, this is it. I love the "PREV/NEXT SCRN" instead of "Page Up/Down".

Of course, the shifts on that monster are atrocious, and the sculpting on some rows is baffling, but taking into account the state of the keyboard when it was made, this seems like a pretty good one!

Also, that help key is amazing. Where would it go on a modern board....I suppose F1 might be the logical choice?


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