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[IC] DSA: "Jing-Fang / Red Dragon"

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Hello everybody!

Here is my DSA set design I finished for the Massdrop contest ( Voting has started:

I wanted to see how much interest there is for this set. If the Massdrop does not go through, I am also considering this in Devlin (UK) "Q" profile. Let me know what you think.

Thank you!
Here are some more renders:

Thanks for all comments and votes!

I wish this was not DSA. DSA is the worse profile i've ever used. I will never buy another DSA set ever.

DSA is one option, Devlin Q another, like I said in the post  :cool:. I have a set from them, and it's great: thick ABS, more surface area than DSA/SA from SP. So if you'd rather have the Devlin, let me know in the comments.

I'm not digging the overall style but I love the concept. The dragon novelty is amazing and I would pay for that as my enter key.

I love the concept! If it's through Massdrop, though, I'm out

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