Author Topic: [BIMOCAP]- Keycap type opinion  (Read 960 times)

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[BIMOCAP]- Keycap type opinion
« on: Sun, 13 June 2021, 03:52:56 »
Hi guys,
Currently, we have three keycap type as pictures below:
- SA: spherical keycap. The most popular type of keycap now. It can fit well with any finger type.
- DOM: The surface is a bit round, glossy and serve the best for decorating your keyboards
- VOM: The mix between SA and DOM. We want users have a solid, durable but fashionable feelings at the same time.

Each type will be studied and developed carefully by us on each of our keycap.
Which one do you guys prefer? Please give us your feedback, which will mean a lot to us.
Thank you!