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Mt3 vs MG keycaps profile - the quest for the deepest scoop

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After sound modding my Keychron Q2, I decided that it is time for me to change its original keycaps too.

I did quite of a research trying to find which keycap profile has the deepest scoop, but I can't a definite conclusion. Is Mt3 or MG the keycaps with the deepest scoop? To be honest, I gravitate towards MG because of their looks, but I type for a living, so I would like to get the keys that best suit my needs, rather than those that look better on my keyboard.

Does anyone have experience with these two profiles? What's your verdict?

I will have to go compare them side-by-side again [I have them on the same desk], but both have deep scoops.

MG is very typable, and I prefer it to MT3 except for sound. MG has a very good sculpt and scooping, similar to AF SA.

You might also want to look into CX SA and KAT HSA.

OK, I checked and it feels as though MT3 has a deeper scoop than MG.

At least, if we are talking PBT MT3, which is pretty well-made.

Here are two AF SA [shorter MG] keycaps on an MT3 board:

The PBT MT3 might be scooped a little deeper than anything you see in that image, though.

PBT MT3 has a deeper sound than MG, which is more higher-pitched and thin-sounding. However, I think that MG is sculpted better for typing. The dramatic scoop angles in MT3 are more likely to prevent the free movement of your fingers to the next row than occurs with MG.

Thank you for your help.

So, you would say that the scoop depth difference in negligible between the two?

I read somewhere that MG imitates the Topre profile, so I suppose is better suited for long typing sessions.

Out of curiosity, on the picture you posted which keycap is which?

An additional question:

Which keycap profile has the deepest scoop and the more pronounced "border" on its crown. What I am looking for is for something that will feel like I am "dipping" my finger in the keycap when typing. Being  clindrical or spherical will be a big plus.


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