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I need help am looking for a new (low weight) mechanical keyboard


Hello to the board,

after 5 years of abstinence from the world of mechanical keyboards, i am pleased to find out what all has changed - woow.. but also overwhelming... :eek:

 I am way over my head what all has changed to find my new "mobile" keyboard.

* Should be lightweight so max weight: 650g  
* The keyboard needs to be as quiet as possible since i want to use this in public spaces/office which is pretty quiet. My Ducky one 2 with Cherry Mx browns is to loud for that. Of course the loudness is heavily influenced by the switches one uses, and its on me that i like more tactile switches like MX brown, but if the board comes with materials in the case that dampens noise or special keycaps that are sound absorbing and good stabilizers that would be huge plus. Just not stuff that changes the feel of the swithces like noise dampening rings
* My preferred Form factor is TKL but to make the weight limit i could theoretically go down till 65%but then i wonder what to do with the break-key (if oyu need it you need it) but if one can program a key on a board that the board doesn't have i could put it on the often there but for me useless insert key
* hot swappable: important point it should allow as many different swithces as possible. At least ist should support new Cherry MX2A the old Cherries and Gateron (it got me curious that the new Kinesis Advantage comes with Gateron
Ah and it really needs to fully support QWERTZ-Layout.

I was searching like hell the last 2 days, but one never could filter for weight...

Have a good one!


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