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Tecsee Middle Switch Review


Hey all,

After having spent the past few months in reviews trying to keep up with the cutting edge, I figured it would be worth the time and effort to go back and explore a peculiar Tecsee switch which flew under my radar. This week we take a deep dive into the shallow pond that is Tecsee's Middle Switches.

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As always, thank you for the continued love and support from the majority of you. Know that I made this review extra long with more background and extra switch comparisons just because of the people complaining about the length last week. (To be honest it was long overdue for the low profile switches, though, so it wasn't entirely because of them...)


WOW these look amazing!! I was especially looking for the comparison to the other low profiles like the choc sunsets and gateron KS33, and it seems to blow them away, AND with being MX compatible that's just great! Just to clarify, it means you can put them in any MX hotswap board?

Also, what low profile keycaps are good for MX?


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