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What is your first keyboard? Is its layout your favorite one until now?

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I just wonder what layout is the most popular one. I started with Keychron K2 75%, but now I'm sticking with TKL: QK80.  :thumb:

I started with a Model F XT. That's definitely not my favourite layout though xD .

My first keyboard was just a cheap membrane that I used which isn't very fun to talk about. Yeah it's bad it's to be expected.

My first custom was my fjell. It's currently built with nk creams plateless and is pretty good currently.

I do really like 60% for typing, layers are so convenient. Depends on the game but I usually prefer something like a tkl for gaming, sometimes I accidentely press escape while trying to press 1 or tab while playing some games which messes me up, which a tkl avoids cause the esc is above it. if I'm playing something with my 60 I usually have it bound to my layers so I can still access it.

i dont even remember my first ever keyboard, might have been the keyboard on my moms old gaming laptop that i used when i was little

my first decent keyboard was a Leopold FC660M, great board still

my current main is an HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S and i love it for pretty much anything besides competitive gaming (I use a Wooting 60HE for that). the layout is near perfect imo

I've long since forgotten my absolute first keyboard beyond that it was likely a Dell-branded rubber dome keyboard of some sort, so I'll narrow down to keyboards as I got interested in the hobby (circa 2019). I guess that would be:

* IBM PS/2 Travel Keyboard with UltraNav (SK-8840)
* IBM 3197 Color Display Station Typewriter Keyboard (Type 2 122-key Model M Converged Keyboard)
I like both, but for different reasons and scenarios. I would say the M122's layout is amongst my favourites - it's not too different to typical ISO layout (being from the UK, that's what I'm used to) but you get a lot of keys for macro usage and I really enjoy the plus-shaped nav (the middle key is an Enter key, making menu surfing and command repeating in PowerShell or a Linux terminal very quick). I have the desk space for such a keyboard, so it works very well for me.

The SK-8840's layout is that of a classic IBM ThinkPad layout. It's essentially a TKL in the width of a 60%. It wouldn't be my first choice on my desktop to be honest (it's a laptop keyboard in a case after all), but its compactness makes it very versatile and it doesn't make too egregious (IMO) layout compromises to achieve said compactness. It's certainly my favourite laptop keyboard layout, but outside of laptops, it's still very useful for space-constrained desktop environments, for servers (server console kits were in fact the main market for these keyboards), and for carrying around (some of its siblings like SK-8845 could come with a convenient pouch). Amongst ThinkPad enthusiasts, the classic ThinkPad layout family (there were several iterations over the years with minor differences) is still very beloved. In 2017, Lenovo developed a version for the 25th anniversary ThinkPad.


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