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What video games are you currently playing?

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--- Quote from: phinix on Thu, 30 November 2023, 16:25:49 ---I personally don't see any pleasure playing games like Spider-man, or even watching those movies, like that or Avengers. I cannot explain why but those movies are totally stupid for me.
I like Batman movies, but not a huge fan.
I think I'm just getting old :(

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When you know the big bad will be defeated and the good guys win (even with a surprise casualty or two) ruins the suspense. That's why The Watchmen was such a unique take, if you were not familiar with the graphic novel, you weren't sure how it would go.

I am still playing OldSchool Runescape 10 years later and take breaks to play a few other titles. Mainly GTA5, RDR2, etc. More story driven games as I don't have an environment to play coop games at night given family.

Ghostwire Tokyo,

You buy stuff from this cat.

Exceptional atmosphere, weeb paradiso


--- Quote from: phinix on Wed, 22 November 2023, 11:21:48 ---
--- Quote from: SageCrowDesign on Wed, 22 November 2023, 09:39:41 ---BG3 coop with my partner. Just wrapped up Death Stranding. I was skeptical at first, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience - would recommend!

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I cannot go through this one, too boring, running around with boxes and keep falling into black oily puddles with whales...what kind of fallout came up with this idea... oh yeah, Japanese guy, why I'm not surprised... ;)

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it got too boring for me too fast back when i bought it but god DAMN is it phenomenal in terms of visuals  :-*

marvel's spider man 2

I've installed Gord, will try it over the Christmas period.


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