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[GB] Busy Town Deskmat - Nostalgia Guaranteed!

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Busy Town is a deskmat full of nostalgia, a redraw of the classic 90s city rug, you're almost guaranteed to have played on one of these at some point in your life. Dig up the old hot wheels and zoom around, this is sure to keep you entertained during those long zoom calls!

If you’re looking for a new experience try the Rough texture! While still smooth enough for mousing, the slight textured experience adds a little more control and feels great under the hand. Visually this option looks great too, a slight matte appearance!

Fun features:
- Classic print
- Vibrant colours
- Most roads are wide enough for a hot wheels cars

- 900x400x4mm
- Available in your choice of Rough or Smooth textures
- Grey edge stitching

- Daily Clack - OCE
- MyKeyboard - EU
- Protozoa - UK
- Mekibo - USA
- Apex Keyboards - CA
- Hex Keyboards - SEA
- SandKeys - MENA
- Fancy Customs - SA

Estimated delivery - Q3/Q4 2022

So in! Most based deskmat!!

I love this mat, second only to coldtop

Showed this to my non keyboards friends and they all love it, defs picking up a few! GLWGB

wtf that connect 4 game was over so many moves ago


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