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Abalone Whale Tail Solid Brass Artisan Keycap


A statement piece on your keyboard. Solid Brass with Abalone Inlay

To the Mechanical Keyboard Community,

We're thrilled to introduce our newest creation, the 'Abalone Whale Tail Metal Keycap'.
Crafted with precision, this keycap combines the elegance of solid brass with the mesmerizing beauty of abalone shell inlay.
Each keycap is unique, featuring a stunning range of colors.

Keycap Features:
Material: Solid Brass with Abalone Shell Inlay
Finish: Hand Polished
Design: Whale Tail
Profile: Cherry/OEM Row 1
Compatibility: Fits Cherry MX switches and similar

Special Offer:
Get your Metal Artisan Keycap for just 29.99, with FREE WORLDWIDE TRACKED DELIVERY.

Shipping Details:
Processing Time: 1-2 Business Days
Delivery Time: 5-12 Days, depending on location

Ready for a keycap that stands out as much as you do? Visit our Website to make your purchase today.

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