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Can you watch too much TV?

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Tp4 is fast approaching the point where he can't watch anymore TV, or else he might die.

A couple of hours in a day should be plenty, twice that occasionally, and triple that rarely.

Otherwise you are likely to become a "couch potato"

It's not the TV that kills you, it's the commercials.

It's a broken down house, oh ghosts, queue poor communication, bad problem solving, irrational behavior.

It's a space station, oh something broke alright, bad engineering, magic rocks, they try to fix it, they can't cuz aliens...


I barely watch tv anymore, I don't think I've watched tradtional television in years, and barely watch any media recently (except for smiling friends I guess)

I do want to watch the stuff people have reccomended me though, but I am doing other stuff instead.


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