Author Topic: Seeking Input on User-Focused Keyboard Design (CNC/Anodizing)  (Read 403 times)

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Hi everyone,

Thrilled  ;D to finally join Geekhack, a legendary forum that's been at the forefront of the keyboard community since 2007!  I'm eager to learn and contribute, and I'm particularly interested in exploring user-centered keyboard design.

I have access to reliable CNC and anodizing facilities, :cool: which opens up some exciting possibilities for prototype development.  However, my main focus is on creating a keyboard that truly enhances the user experience.

Given the vast knowledge and experience within this community, I was hoping to tap into your collective wisdom.  What are some key pain points or unmet needs  :rolleyes: you see in the current keyboard landscape?  Are there specific features or functionalities you believe would significantly improve user experience?

I'm open to all ideas, big or small!  I believe fresh perspectives can lead to innovative solutions.  Thanks in advance for your input, and I look forward to engaging with the community.