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Welcome to the Geekhack Glossary!

We will collect common terms and abbreviations with a short and precise definition here. This glossary is mainly directed at new members who might not understand what certain abbreviations or terms mean that are commonly used on GH. If you read a term somewhere in the forums but don't know its meaning or if you think that some term needs an explanation feel free to reply to this thread, we will then add a new entry to the glossary.
If there are any mistakes please report them as well by replying to this thread.

To search the glossary, you can use your browsers search function, usually activated by pressing Ctrl + F.

0*%General note: Percentages usually refer to the amount of keys in comparison to a standard ANSI layout.40%A minimal keyboard layout reduced to letters and a few modifier keys.60%A keyboard layout consisting of just the main cluster without the numpad, function row, arrow cluster and navigation cluster. Also refers to keyboards with a compressed layout that has about the same size.75%A compressed keyboard layout without a numberpad. Usually has one more row and one more column in comparison to a 60%.80%See "tenkeyless".AABSAbbreviation for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common type of plastic used for keycaps.APLA programming language that uses special symbols in its syntax.ATmegaA microcontroller that can be used as a keyboard controller.BBattleship, battlecruiserA keyboard bigger than full-size, often with 122 keys.BINAbbreviation for "buy it now".BNIBAbbreviation for "brand new in box".BSPBSP Europe, a keycap manufacturer.Buckling Spring [BS]A clicky spring-over-membrane key mechanism, typically found on IBM/Lexmark/Unicomp keyboards. There is also a capacitive variant without a membrane.CCherryA switch, keyboard and formerly keycap manufacturer.ClickClack [CC, Clack Factory, Clark]GH user who makes custom keycaps; also refers to these keycaps, the most common of which features a stylised skull.CONUSAbbreviation for Contiguous United States, referring to the 48 adjoining U.S. states between Canada and Mexico and the District of Columbia.Cooler Master Storm [CM, CM Storm]A keyboard brand, sells keyboards such as the QFR. The gaming division of Cooler Master.CostarA keyboard manufacturer.DDCSThe cylindrical keycap profile used by Signature Plastics. This is the profile closest to Cherry.DeckA keyboard brand.Deskthority [DT]A mechanical keyboard focused forum similar to Geekhack.DiatecDiatec is a coportation that makes power supplies, PC peripherals, and keyboards under the brand name "Filco".DibsUsed when claiming or reserving something.Doubleshot [DS]A method to print legends on a key.DSAThe short spherical keycap profile used by Signature Plastics.DuckyA keyboard manufacturer.DyesubA method to print legends on a key.EEliteKeyboards [EK]Website that sells keyboards such as Leopold and Topre. Also stocks keycaps and accessories like keypullers and lube.FFilcoA keyboard brand.GGHAbbreviation for Geekhack.GIDAbbreviation for "glow in the dark".GLWS [GLW*]Abbreviation of "good luck with sale", also used with trade, buy, etc.GMKGMK Electronic Design, a keycap manufacturer. GMK bought the old Cherry ABS molds and is producing new caps from the Cherry molds; they are new "Cherry" keycaps.Group Buy [GB]An organized purchase by a group to reduce pricing or to reach a MOQ.IInterest Check [IC]A survey to get an idea if there is interest in a product or group buy.iOneA keyboard manufacturer.KKBDMania [, kbd]A korean mechanical keyboard focused forum similar to Geekhack.Korean custom keyboardRefers to custom keyboards from Korea that are made in small numbers and usually come with a metal case. Depending on the model they are also programmable.KTODRefers to a series of threads called Keyboard Talk of the Day.MMassdrop [MD]A commercial vendor that organizes sales similar to group [MK,]A website that sells mechanical keyboards and keyboard accessories.Mechanical Keyboards Subreddit [/r/mech]Subforum on Reddit focused on mechanical keyboards.Moogle Compatibility Kit [Moogle]A set of additional keys to make a keycap set with a non-standard layout compatible for a standard ANSI layout. Here's a picture from Ovoxo that shows the keys it usually includes.MOQAbbreviation of "minimum order quantity".NNIBAbbreviation for "new in box".NOSAbbreviation for "new old stock", unsold stock of a product that is no longer produced.OOGOriginal, abbreviation for original gangster.OPAbbreviation for original post or poster, referring to the person who opened the thread or the first post in the thread.OnTheDesk [, OTD]A korean mechanical keyboard focused forum similar to [OCN]A technology related forum.PPBTAbbreviation for polybutylene terephthalate, a type of plastic used for keycaps.PimpMyKeyboard [PMK]A website from Signature Plastics.Potato [picture]A photo with miserable quality.POMPolyoxymethylene, a type of plastic used for keycaps.Point of sale [POS]Used to reference cash register keyboards.QQuickFire Rapid [QFR]A keyboard made by CM Storm.RRosewillA keyboard brand.Rubberdome [RD]Rubber dome over membrane switch. Used in non-mechanical keyboards.SSAThe tall spherical keycap profile used by Signature Plastics.Shine [DSII, DS2, DSIII, DS3]A keyboard series made by Ducky.SPSignature Plastics, a keycap manufacturer.SSKAbbreviation for space saving keyboard, a tenkeyless buckling-spring keyboard originally from IBM.Stabilizers [Stabs]A mechanism that enables pressing down large keys without hitting their center.TTeensyA small development board that is often used as a keyboard controller.Tenkeyless [TKL, 80%]A keyboard layout without a numpad.TG3 ElectronicsAn input device manufacturer that is also the parent company of Deck.Tsangan Compatibility Kit [Tsangan]A set of additional keys to make a keycap set compatible with non-standard layouts. Here's a picture from Hashbaz that shows the keys it usually includes.TWAbbreviation for "testing waters", synonym for an interest check.WWASD KeyboardsA keyboard and keycap manufacturer.Windown 98 [Memphis]An operating system by Microsoft.Winkeyless [WKL]A keyboard layout without Windows and menu keys, featuring larger Ctrl and Alt keys.WTS [WT*]Abbreviation of "want to sell", also used with trade, buy, etc.WTTFAbbreviation of "want to trade for".YYear of the Bull [YotB]A keyboard by Ducky released 2009.Year of the Dragon [YotD]A TKL backlit keyboard by Ducky with black case and new backlighting modes, released 2012.Year of the Rabbit [YotR]A full size non-backlit keyboard by Ducky with a white case and PBT keycaps, released 2011.Year of the Snake [YotS]A full size backlit keyboard by Ducky with an aluminium case top and a snake space bar, released 2013.Year of the Tiger [YotT]A full size non-backlit keyboard by Ducky with a black case and PBT keycaps, released 2010.


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