Author Topic: Refund. URGENT!!!  (Read 7495 times)

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Refund. URGENT!!!
« on: Tue, 02 January 2018, 01:28:11 »
Feng, please get back to me on my refund. I've been writing on every social member possible that you are on. I need a refund on my order ORDER #11226

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Re: Refund. URGENT!!!
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 13 January 2018, 21:55:49 »
 post too, i don't want a refund... but i do want the two switch sized sockets i'm missing so i can use my board for more than a paperweight.... but really it's just been sitting in a box for a year. please feng, do the right thing, stop being an ignoring everyone ******* and make things right... the longer you wait the more anxious you make everyone and yourself... so just suck it up and respond and be a good person.. please... i feel so bad for everyone involved in this...