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Unicomp Mini-M (IBM SSK repro) review (buckling springs)

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Today we look at a prototype of Unicomp's new "Mini-M", which is basically a buckling spring TKL inspired by the IBM "SSK" Space Saving Keyboard. Hope you enjoy the video! :)

Great review - I've missed these :D

Maybe people today don't realise you can adjust the mouse tracking speed, thus their mouse pointers move really slowly, and they need to move the mouse much further across the desk to cover the same distance of the mouse pointer moving across the screen.  I always put my mouse's tracking speed to maximum.

The main reason why I don't use my SSKs (one IBM and one Lexmark) is the absence of a Win key - making this Unicomp keyboard very tempting.

Thank you for the review. These have not been on my radar.


--- Quote from: kizuna on Sat, 05 June 2021, 06:58:54 ---Thank you for the review. These have not been on my radar.

--- End quote ---

Are they on your radar now?

I'll gladly order one of these if they can get a beige version, preferably with blockers and green or amber lock lights.


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