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Momoka Frog V3 Switch Review


Hey all,

Bit of an earlier one this weekend since I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, but I promise it's still just as good as any other Sunday review. No princes to be found in this one, only a review of the new Momoka Frog V3s. Does Momoka, who is one of the newer switch brands in the scene right now, really have what it takes to stand out in the slew of new switch brands out there?

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As always, hope you all enjoy as this was a bit of a fun one to get to explore in no short part due to Momoka's transparency and help in securing some switches. (The support from all of you, my readers, as well can not be understated here either :-*)


Is there a way to see like an ordered list of every single switch you've reviewed ranked from best to worst (if not by specific category, than at least by score).

Yep! If you go to the GitHub linked at the top right hand side of my website there is a composite sheet which has all of the scores on it. (It's in both normal Excel and .csv style extension)


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