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It's in the mail...

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This used to be a forum, but now it's a thread.

What have you bought and are patiently waiting to arrive?

I don't think it's in the mail yet but I'm 90% sure I'm getting some blank white caps soon. Sorry if it's not per the rules but it's not far off ^_____^

I bought a keycool 84 with red switch, and many keycaps all from taobao. Got my billiards doubleshot keys from the mail today.

And I like how my taobao agent ( posts photos of it when the items reach them. :)

I was looking for the it's in the mail forum today.  I made a separate thread before finding this below is a repost. 

Got a limited edition race kb today.  I acquired it in a trade transaction.  White case, white keycaps, white leds, white PCB...looks damn sexy imo.

White PCB?? lookin' damn good


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