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Short Review - Ducky Shine II DK9008 with White Keycaps and Cherry MX Red Switch

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I picked up my Ducky Shine II today!

This is my second keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches.  I've really fallen in love with these switches.  They are so smooth and feel great.

Anyway, this specific board has the white key caps and blue LED backlight.  I've already reviews MX Red's, so I won't repeat that here, but I will say that I prefer the sound and feel of the Ducky Shine over my work Rosewill with WASD keycaps.  They are slightly different in feel, and the Ducky seems a little more smooth and quieter than the Rosewill.  When I bottom out, the sound is slightly quieter no matter how hard I type.  I really do like Ducky keycaps and the white ones feel great.  Time will tell on how long they will wear, but even my old MX Blue Ducky Shine keycaps held up very well.

The blue LED's on this thing have almost a slight ultra-violet look to them.  It's surreal.  Very happy with the way it looks, especially when the keyboard tray is pushed under the desk.  The entire underside glows, it's beautiful.  There is no bleed through the white key caps. in case anyone was wondering even at the highest brightness levels.  It should be noted that blue LED's are actually the dimmest color since our eyes actually don't see blue very well.  I find that I can comfortably set the LED's to maximum brightness, and it's not overly bright like the white LED's.  Blue was actually my second choice after red LED's but this shipment didn't have that in a full size board, so blue it is.

Very nice keyboard, and the white keycaps give it a really classy touch.  I'd definitely recommend!

A good review - I was thinking about getting blue LEDs next on a TKL Ducky, but my local retailer seems to be shedding their stock.  Maybe in anticipation of Ducky Shine 3?

I'd really love it if you posted some pictures! I have yet to see one of these keycap + LED combos posted with LEDs on.

Maybe something like this:


--- Quote from: Lastpilot on Thu, 30 May 2013, 07:18:00 ---I'd really love it if you posted some pictures! I have yet to see one of these keycap + LED combos posted with LEDs on.

--- End quote ---

I'll have to take some with my wife's camera which is much better at catching blue/UV colors, but it's just like the pcs posted in the above links.  The blue LED has a slight ultraviolet look to it that the camera may not pick up, but that's about the only difference.


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