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Cherry MX Spring Measurements

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My guess is that 'Heavy' is a black spring.

The logic being that a linear switch has more force before actuation provided by the spring, whereas a tactile switch provides that force from the tactility, such that they actuate at roughly the same force in the end.


--- Quote from: mohitgarg on Thu, 01 August 2013, 05:48:18 ---What was the source for the light and heavy springs? Which switches exactly?

--- End quote ---

It says in the OP what switches.

Rknize this is incredible. I'm going to link this to the Simple Questions thread and now I can bludgeon people with all this knowledge! :P

rknize, how consistent were the springs in each batch? Meaning, what's the standard deviation? I hope you saved the data for the 20 springs before you averaged them.

Need to add 80g from originative!! ;)

Thanks for putting this up russ.

I was under the impression that most people believed Black springs to be lighter than White/Green springs. Shouldn't they be separated out? Perhaps it would be better (although much more time consuming, I know) to measure each switch's springs on an individual basis?

Another thing I wondered: how do different springs in different switches make a difference? If your machine could be setup to measure a spring inside of a switch, that would be amazing. Then you could measure many different springs in the different switches (linear, light tactile, heavy tactile, clicky, quiet clicky [not sure if the last two differ from each other in any way apart from materials...]).

I know my suggestions are not easy, but I think they would provide some very nice information. That being said, you've done a wonderful job here. Thanks a lot!


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