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Cherry MX Spring Measurements

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THANK YOU for this. I've been hoarding many types of springs over the years that most people don't have, so if you need any to test, I can send some to you.

I have a 65g and 67g Korean spring I can send you if you want to test some additional springs.

I am kind of surprised by your Black vs Clear spring findings though.  I'm typing on a keyboard with Blacks right now and have a keyboard with Reds and Blacks with Clear springs in them, and the key switches feel heavier with the Clear springs than the Blacks.

Excellent work!

It would be great if you can compare the Originative 80g spring as well.

Splendid contraption! :D

I've been saying for ages that black/clear/green springs have different slopes, and that I suspect the red/brown/blue springs do too, in their specification. Trouble is that the difference between the light springs is so slight that it's a) difficult to measure, and b) less than manufacturing tolerances.

What was the source for the light and heavy springs? Which switches exactly?


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