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Of course a mouse is usually much more precise, easier to use and often offers many more features" onboard. A track ball as you know is much less precise, difficult to use and often requires a "learning curve" to become used to it. However A mouse can cause pain and ultimately permanent serious injury to those that use them for long periods. A track ball will generally do no such thing. Which is IMO the main, and only attraction of a track ball. I was wondering which is over all preferred among those of you that frequent this forum? If you do prefer a track ball do you manage to obtain mouse like precision form it? If so, how? I have probably the most precise one here right now but it is no G502 HERO. The Track bal of mine is not a Logitech either. It is a "JDM" Elecom Thumb G-Pro model. I would have liked to make this a poll but I am not aware of how to do so on this forum. If I still can after posting, would someone please let me know how to do so? Thank you

The only time I've used a trackball was when a colleague had computer problems so I had to use theirs.  It probably wasn't a good one and without practice my accuracy was really bad...

Being as my last couple of mice have not impressed me and I no longer game so don't need accuracy immediately my next 'mouse' will probably be a trackball unless there's a really good 'other' I don't know about yet.

Picked up the Logitech MX Ergo this week, and after a bit of learning I like it much more than any mouse I've used. I currently own a MX Master 2S, and a Steel Series Rival 650 Wireless. I'll still use the Rival for games, and the 2S will probably be my daily driver at home only because of the hassle of transport of the trackball between home/work and not wanting to buy a second one so quick.

The Ergo I picked up was a "Plus" because that's all Best Buy had in stock - wanted to grab one over lunch break instead of wait for shipping - and it came with an extra wedge for an extra high angle. I like it more than the built-in tilt, so I'm glad I got that one. It also has a precision button on the side to de-sensitize the tracking when needed, but I haven't needed it yet.

Thank you Orange! I do not like to say he first word in your name, no offense LOL!
jake, I have that one. Wow, you really like a lot of "tenting". That is very high! You must have big hands? Yeah, you look much taller than me if that is you. The whole reason I started this is because I do find them absolutely superior. For one reason. They cause no pain! 14+ hours a day coding with a mouse after so many years is a real pain. If you know what I mean. My issue is I simply do not find them to be as precise a mouse. I even have a much higher end one hen you do. It might just be my own fine motor abilities. I mean I was never great as a kid building models or anything "delicate". It might just be me after all. I did not even think of that at first, Duh. I figured it was a "global" issue with them. Also my registry is set at 26,000 DPI. Even though it is across a lot of screen "real estate" it is still 26,000 DPI. I have applied heavy braking and acceleration to offset that though. Still, if it is myself it is not a good combination to be certain. I might try slowing it down some.

Now, like me if you like the MX Ergo. You may want to check out the Japanese Elecom G-Pro Heiss Edition Thumb ball. Street price in Japan is about $325USD. However I found a brand new one in the USA for $69! Watch Amazon and Ebay. If you really want one I will get you the part number. However I must warn you, it is nearly "flat" compared to what you have there now. It has very little "tenting", It is just right for my small hands however. I did not even have the MX Ergo "tilted", let alone the "boot" on it. It is a considerably better Thumb ball though if you are interested in one for home or whatever.

A trackball by itself is not going to stop the issue, ANY repetitive motion causes issues, not just in your wrist.

Also, beware the thumb style trackballs, those KILL my hand. Not sure if it's RSI or arthritis or both but yeah, not fun for me. I also can't do trigger shifters on mountain bikes.


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