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Gundam GOUF Artisans for sale


Hey Everyone!!

I want to share the Gundam Gouf Artisan cap Iíve recently finished designing. Itís currently available on my store:
Iíve been hard at work going through several prototypes and minor tweaks for my Gouf keycaps, and have finally started producing a final version. So far Iíve produced final versions of both the Gouf commander variant and the regular Gouf cap as well.

These are 3D printed using a custom colored bio-degradable resin. Details are all hand painted. Itís available with or without the Commander Fin for ease of use or display purposes. Iím hard at work right now creating my first ten copies. Five are the commander variant with a fin, and five do not. I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback, and Iím super proud and excited to finally be bringing these out!

If you think these are cool or if youíre interested, please check out my Store!!!

Please stay posted for more keycaps coming soon, namely two Zaku variants similar to this key cap, and a couple more. Iíll be posting interest checks soon for a Gundam Barbatos artisan, along with just an inner frame variant, along with the Shiden frames from Gundam IBO and a Gundam Woundwort cap I posted about a long time ago. Shoot me a message or a comment if thereís a specific design or Mecha you would like to see!

Hey everyone, they're finally all ready to go. Here's the shop link:


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