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Quality pushbuttons for a racing button box?


I would like to replace the buttons on my button box.

Has anyone tried pushbuttons by NKK or other good brand that feel tactile or clicky and do not have too much travel nor wooble, but are not as tiny as those mounted on steering wheels (5 or 8 mm)? The NKK catalog is inmese and it's not very clear to me what buttons to choose. I've heard some are more like a spring with some travel and then a click. Others like the NKK EB2011-BC have less travel and do not require to much force to activave, which is what I want. The problem with this model, as I said, is that it looks too small.

I would also like to purchase a rotary (not very big, 1 cm or so), but acting as momentary (automatic return to center), with a central position (off), a funcion to the left and a function to the right. I don't know that's the name of this kind of control, so I'm not able to find it, so any help is appreciated.


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