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ESP32 Microcontroller.


Just a feasibility/sanity check.

I want to adapt my 122 key battleship 1389620, Nov '86 to work with modern systems. I have a number of Espressif ESP32 based Micro's of various flavours (WROOM, S3 etc)  kicking around as surplus from previous LED based projects.

They're very cheap, but despite this, it has Wifi and Bluetooth on board. Has anyone got this going? Ideally looking to house one and a power source inside the battleship. A 122 key is never going to be portable, but it's more a case of using what I have rather than buying yet another Micro specifically for a project. My coding skills are, at best, basic, I'm a hardware guy at heart.

conceptually, I donít think it is an issue. Soarer and Hasu converters work just fine with pretty aged MCUs, and the Sterling Key converts USB keyboards to wireless using an ESP32. What Iím not familiar with is someone directly converting an M-class using an ESP32. If you just need to get it working, springing for a Pro Micro and doing a Soarer is dead simple.

Hang around for other answers, though, I could definitely be wrong.

Oh I already have Pro Micro's kicking around, but they're not Wireless.

The ESP32 seems a perfect choice, maybe add in a 18650/20700 with a 4056 to charge it. Also half tempted to feature creep and chuck some WS2812B's in to make some silly lights on on it, annoy my daughter, who insists on a cheap nasty thing because RGB...

I have never seen any support for ESP2 among the major free firmwares. I would think that is because ESP32 hasn't traditionally had hardware support for USB. I believe only some quite recent ESP32 chips have support for being a USB device.

ZMK Firmware supports BLE. I can't find ESP32 among ZMK's supported devices but ZMK runs on the Zephyr OS which does run on ESP32, so it might be feasible to port it


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