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5) Meeting the Walter family.

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His mom posted about being at Keycon.

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Here is the quote from the link above.  Thank you for your sentiments Mama_Fry.  It means a lot to us.

Seeing into my son's world

      Yesterday and today, we spent time with a bunch of people from the Geekhack's a group of people who love keyboards the way Nathan did. I found myself listening to people talk about keyboards with the enthusiasm Nathan always had for these things, and while I didn't understand most of what they were talking about, I heard the spirit of my son in what they said. It made me emotional to hear their words because in them I heard the things I had not wanted to listen to when Nathan was here. I so wish I had paid more attention....not that I will ever understand what they are talking about or be interested in what they like, but to hear the spirit of my son is so beautiful, such a gift.
       Some of these folks came to the house today to see Nathan's keyboard collection and tell us about it. They continued to talk about his contributions to their world and how he continues to add to new members. People still want to know him. This is all such a mystery to me that people who never met my son in the flesh could have such love and passion for him. This type of love is true, rich faith.
         I thank them for their friendship because in that friendship, my son truly found a place that he could feel good, feel at home. I'm so pleased that he found this place! And while I would have loved him to have completed more homework and less Geekhack posts, I will always be thankful to Geekhack for their place in my son's life!

Eternally blessed,

Mama Fry 


That was a very touching post, and I can't think of anything to add right now.

She was hanging out in IRC earlier as well.  Seems like she enjoyed chatting with everyone too :).

I think we need to do a GB for the "Friends and Family" cap and get the Walters family a mechanical keyboard in Small_Fry's switch of choice.

My suggestions for the cap would be have options for the legend in the 1.25, 1.5 modifier sizes, Backspace key in all stem types so nobody is left out because of preference on switch.

And get them the Smallfry set upon release too! :)


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