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Moderation Team:

--- Quote ---Vendor/Commercial Terms of Service

This forum exists for the community of members.  Allowing vendors and other commercial entities to participate, have vendor forums where appropriate, and provide notifications, special offers and other incentives to non-commercial members enhances the community.  It is because of this opportunity to enhace the community that this forum encourages and embraces participation from relevant vendors and other commercial interests.

In order to ensure that vendor and commercial participation enhances the community and does not detract in any way, vendors and other commercial entities must abide by these Vendor Terms of Service (VTOS) in addition to all other Terms of Service that apply to other members.

1. Who qualifies as a Vendor?
  a. Any individual, entity, or representative of an entity that according to IRS regulations would be classified as a business.
  b. Any individual, entity, or representative of an entity that profits from sales, services, or group buying activities.
  c. Any individual, entity, or representative of an entity whose intent is either (a) or (b) above.
  d. Any individual, entity, or representative of an entity who, in the assessment of the Administrators of this forum, should be so classified.

2. Who cannot be a Vendor?
  a. Any Administrator or Moderator of this forum who qualifies as a Vendor under Rules 1.a-c, must choose between being a Vendor or being an Administrator or Moderator.  It is a conflict of interest to be both.
  b. Individuals and entities who donate any and all profits to the forum, and geekhackers, LLC, are exempt from Rule 2.a.

3. How is a Vendor denoted on the forum?
  a. A vendor is denoted as such primarily by text under the member name such as "Vendor", "Commercial", or similar.
  b. If a vendor has an online sales site or a vendor forum here, please place links to both in your signature block.

4. What are the privileges of being a Vendor?
  a. The ability to post for-sale or other commercial posts prior to attaining the normal number of other posts.
  b. Eligibility to apply for a vendor forum, approval of which may be subject to other requirements.

5. What are the limitations of being a Vendor?
  a. Commercial posts shall be made in the Vendor's own subforum, or in the absence of such, in the general vendor subforum only.
  b. In the absence of a vendor forum, commercial postings may be made in the artisan services forum with permission from Moderator Team and/or an administrator.
  c. Private Messages (PM) shall not be used to bypass TOS rules.
  d. Conduct all transactions ethically, with courtesy, and with proper communication.
  e. Be courteous and polite in the forum.

6. How will this be enforced?
  a. Forum Administrators and Moderators shall take actions necessary to ensure compliance with the VTOS.
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