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Introducing ePBT Origami, a keycap set inspired by the art of paper folding, Origami 折り紙.
I hope you like the concept, the feedbacks are much appreciated!

The Base Kit is containing everything you need for the most common layouts along with alternatives if you want no accent keys. As Origami is a Japanese art form, I chose to include Hiragana sublegends!

Hiragana Base - $85

Latin Base - $85

All of the novelties are bought through
Credit to Lluisa Iborra for the icons.

Novelties Kit - $25

Modern Kit - $19

Can't handle a tkl keyboard? No problem, created the Numpad Kit especially for you! 

Numpad - $19

Forties Kit - $16.50

The Accents Kit will cover some accented colored spacebars and arrows.

Accents Kit - $19

International Kit will cover most European ISO layouts.

International Kit - $19


TGR 910


Dalco 959

TGR Jane

TGR Alice

Metal Keycaps


THOK x Origami Metal Esc Key
(Brass with Polished Gold PVD)



Coiled Cables

Nerd Cables

Luxe Cables
(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

Mechanical Keyboard Bag

From Scratch

(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

Artisan Keycaps

Golden Star Keycap (Vietnam)

(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

LandCaps (Indonesia)

Sandun Art (Korea)

(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

Namong Keycaps (Korea)


(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)


(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

Coconut Keycaps

(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)


(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)


(Waiting for sample photos - CONFIRMED)

Artisan Wrist Rest

Artisan Labs (South Carolina, US)

Custom Mouse by

Your feedback is much appreciated!


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Hello Everyone!

New update posted!
- Monokei Metal Keycaps Added
- Added  new renders of TGR 901
- Added  new renders of TGR Jane
- Added  new renders of TGR Alice

Baka Bot:
Nice.... Not sure how the colors tie into the overall theme (edit: much better.)

uh, I don't really get the theme and the colourway doesn't seem optimal for Epbt since everything will have to be reverse dyesub
Ok this is much nicer  :thumb:

100 percent horse:
Not really understanding the connection between the color scheme and origami. Just kinda looks like almost-MoDo with hiragana sublegends.

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