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backlit keycaps, Ducky or Tai-Hao?

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I had a set of Ducky's backlit PBT keycaps, and they were extremely nice.  If I had a still used a backlit keyboard, I would have kept them.
 Tai Hao has some weird symbols on the caps, num, and scroll lock keycaps that I don't like, and they seem to have recently switched from using the Windows logo to "WIN" text.  I'm not a fan of that, either.  Otherwise, I really like Tai Hao's keycaps, even their normal thin doubleshot PBT ones.

North or south facing leds?
If it's the former, ducky are better.
if it's the latter, look elsewhere...maybe npck or pudding caps.  KBDfans have some that suit 60% boards.
You'd need side facing shinethough...otherwise

Ducky, all day. I'm not saying that TaiHao are bad or anything, but for me the colors ducky offers are much more pleasant to look at, and the quality is surprisingly nice for the price. Although they're kinda thin, but if you're looking for shinethroughs I suppose not having GMK thickness is ok. Good luck on your hunt!

I like Duck's keycaps...

Ducky, I have some Tai - Hao sets, but not backlit.


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